Aberdeenshire Fireplaces - Aboyne Industrial Estate, Low Road, Aboyne, AB34 5GW - 01771 622444 or 07730 267783

Fireside Accessories


Cast Iron Tongs

Cast Iron Pokers

Eye Roaster & Eye Toasting Fork

Duchess Brush & Pan Set


Smoke Pellets

Matches & Match Holder Set

Smoke Matches

Soot Box

Ceramic Coals

Ceramic Pebbles

Ceramic Logs

Wonder Wipes

Cast Iton Gully Grids

Clay Fireback

Coal Side Reducer Cast Iron Bricks

Back Brick Coalsaver with Pair of Universal Reversible Side Bricks

Fire Brick

Jackdaw Deterrent

Fire Cement

Black Fire Cement

Please phone for the best prices on
01771 622444



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