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Coal Bunkers

Plastic Coal Bunkers

Plastic Coal Bunker 3 CTW
Accommodates approx 3 bags of coal
635mm (W) x 480mm (D) x 800mm (H)

Plastic Coal Bunker 5 CWT
Accommodates approx 6 bags of coal
800mm (W) x 850mm (D) x 800mm (H)

Plastic Coal Bunker 10 CWT
Accommodates approx 12 bags of coal
1150mm (W) x 1000mm (D) x 1020mm (H)

Galvanised Steel Bunkers

No.5 Flat Packed Galvanised Coal Bunker
Accommodates up to 5cwt (5 bags) of coal
Self assembly
30"W x 36"H x 23"D

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01771 622444



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