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Esse 350 inset multi fuel stove

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300 / 350 multi-fuel

Inset convection fires that offer a unique combination of performance, style, efficiency and ease of installation.

The new award winning 350 builds on the unique strengths of the 300 to provide a higher level of performance and efficiency.

The 300 and the New 350 are not ordinary stoves, they are true convector appliances.

Convector stoves were pioneered by ESSE way back in the 1920's and they have big advantages. The outer surface of the stove, while still very hot, is much less likely to burn than an ordinary stove, and stays clean and bright. Non convection stoves heat by radiation which only travels in straight lines, but 350 & 300 emit a continuous gentle stream of hot air which can evenly heat every nook and cranny of the room.

Additional product benefits include:
- Very simple operation
- Cool touch handle and front for improved safety (steel door only)
- Huge easy-clean ashpan
- Protection against over firing
- Interchangeable doors
- Big fire opening = big view + easy to load with fuel
- 350 can easily take logs up tp 300mm (1 ft) long
- Choice of models to suit output requirements

350 Features
- Fits standard fireplace with fire back removed
- Can burn for more than ten hours on one single filling
- Suitable for continuous burning
- Pre-heated secondary airwash
- Air vent required
- Suitable for class 1 chimneys
- Operating range up to 7.0kW/h (logs)
- Efficiency - 72% (logs)
- Fuel consumption - 2.1kg per hour (logs)
- CO emissions 0.43% (@ 13%O2)

300 Features
- Fits standard fireplace with fire back in place
- Suitable for continuous burning
- No additional air vents are normaly required
- Suitable for class 1 chimneys
- Operating range up to 4.5kW/h (Anthracite)
- Efficiency - 64% (Anthracite)
- Fuel consumption - 0.93kg per hour (Anthracite)
- CO emissions - 0.27 (@ 13%O2) (Anthracite)
300 / 350 multi-fuel

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How a convection fire works

The firebox sits inside a second outer casing with a cavity between the two. Cool air from the room is drawn in at the base of the appliance by the natural process of convection into this cavity, where it collects heat from the sides, back and top. It then leaves the stove through a discreet outlet grille at the top of the stove in a continuous stream
of hot air back into the room.

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